Monday, May 27, 2013

My Greatest Wisdom - A Human Experience of Survival

"The Story of the Dandelion Flower" 

Dedicate to in memory of Lee Feb 17th 1984 - March 20th 1986

A Human Experience of Survival brings to you "The Story of the Dandelion Flower" in memory of Lee who died in 1986. A journey to the center of the soul. The spiritual reality to empowering your life on the time line passage through pain, grief and injury with Inspirational Speaker and Author Deborah Berry. 

"My Greatest Wisdom" 

Music by Pierre Dube' Script written by Deborah Berry

"Falling Through Shadows" Click here


Discover the strength to conquer your fears, Embrace the gift of kindness in your life

Inspirational Speaker and storyteller Survivor Deborah Berry presents

“The Story of the Dandelion Flower” a journey of courage, wisdom and kindness. Leaving the seed of hope planted in your heart…
Deborah guides you through the doorway
into A Journey to the center of the soul....

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  1. Facebook Comment by Matt Duffin Brain Injury Radio: takes a couple of minutes, so get inspired, get real. This video will take you breath away she produced yesterday.